Elinor Wylie

Full Moon By Elinor Wylie

My bands of silk and miniver Momently grew heavier. The black gauze was beggarly thin. The ermine muffled mouth and chin. I could not suck the moonlight in. Harlequin in lozenges. Of love and hate, I walked in these. Striped and ragged rigmaroles. Along the pavement my footsoles. Trod warily on living coals. Shouldering the […]

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Charles Heavysege

The Dead By Charles Heavysege

How great unto the living seem the dead. How sacred, solemn how heroic grown. How vast and vague, as they obscurely tread. The shadowy confines of the dim unknown. For they have met the monster that we dread. Have learned the secret not to mortal shown. E’en as gigantic shadows on the wall. The spirit […]

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